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Arnas Kromelis


I am a 24 years old software engineer from Lithuania.

Currently I am located in Oslo, Norway and working for DNB which is Norway's largest bank.

I've been passionate about technology and programming since I was 12 years old, since then I’ve seen many projects being developed successfully or failing in doing so. I learned from the mistakes others and myself have made, because only that and practice can make you become better at something.

I’ve always had a big interest in technologies thus I’m constantly keeping myself up-to-date and experiment with the newest web technologies and development standards. I always want to stay one step ahead. By focusing on the future we can realize bigger opportunities.

On my free time I try to build great things!


What are my principles?

Web should be easy to use. The applications I develop are accessibility compliant, simple, obvious, dinstinctive, functional and tend to reach the widest audience possible. Web is for everyone, therefore I try to engage the audience and helps business to achieve their goals.


The following list includes languages, frameworks and tools which I use everyday when working on solutions.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python, PHP, Ruby
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • GIT
  • Google Cloud, AWS (Certified AWS Developer Associate)

Problem Solving

I can analyze the issue and come up with a solution for the problem. I have skills for project management and team leading using SCRUM and Agile.

Software Engineering

I am capabale of developing and maintaining web, mobile or desktop applications.

UX Design

To achieve the best user experience, I try to understand what the user wants and needs. I consider Universal Accessibility, Prototyping, Responsive Design as high priorities.